How to Boot Android Phone Faster

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In this article am going to guide you the new tip How to Boot Android Phone Faster? The android mobile takes too much time to boot and there are some mobiles that take too many hours to boot. Even I also not found the solution for this trick and one day I got the perfect solution for this problem with the great work. If you want to increase your booting speed of your android phone then you are landed in the correct position. The perfect guide for you guys and don’t worry about your problem I will be sharing genuine guide for you guys. First you have to make sure that your android phone is rooted or not. If your android phone is rooted then the guide is too simple to perform and that doesn’t take much time and just two more steps to perform the guide. The guide includes coding and you just need to add the code and just scroll down and you will know the complete guide.

Few more taps on your android phone will make your phone boot faster. This step by step guide will explain you How to boot android phone faster and just two more minutes.


How to Boot Android Phone Faster

  • In the first step, you need to download and install a third party app and the app is called Root Browser and then you need to enable Unknown resources in app Settings page.
  • Then you need to open Root Browser on your android phone and then you just have to go to System Folder and tap on Build.prop.
  • Then you just need to open this with text editing app and then just paste the code in it.
  • config.hw quickpoweron=true
  • Then save the file and its’ all done. You just finished it.
  • Just boot your android phone one more time and you will know the result yourself.

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