Guy Brings A Drunk Girl

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Guy Brings A Drunk Girl Home…He Wakes Up To Find A Real Disgusting Shitstorm


This is the suggestion for all boys that beware while bringing dunk girl to your home. You might get in to trouble and even risk your life also. You won’t that a beautiful looking and innocent girl can make your house in to a shit. You might enjoy with her all the night but you will suffer for the next morning a hit from her.

It’s like suggesting to you. If you won’t believe in this stuff then you need to read the story where boy picked up a drunken girl to his own house and got in to trouble. What has happened to him? It will make you laugh hard at him. If you face the similar situation in your life then you will cry for sure.

. Notice: You even know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health but here you waont knoe how a drunken girl is worst when you bring her to your house.

He took a drunken girl to his home.


It was perfect at night because they were enjoying at night and very close to each other on bed.

But then..


He can feel that his leg is bit wet then he rushed to bathroom right after that and checked his leg.

What he found on the bathroom when he went there.

His leg was completely covered by shit. He assumed that he vomited on himself but he checked it completed and noticed that it was not him. The girl is truly a culprit which was with him at night.

He suddenly rushed to his roommate’s room and tried to awake him. He was shocked and avoided the stench hitting the room. 

He was gone to sleeping and avoiding the stench hitting the room. He neither knows what happened to his leg and he was in complete shock.

Then he came back to the room again and he won’t know what to do?

He tried to think of it and got a solution for this problem. Then he wanted to make a hole in the mattress where she pooped on him. Then he opened the window door of his room. Finally his room was out of that shit smell.

Fine, this can even happen to you. So, you need to think on this case while brining a drunken girl to your own house.

You might laugh hard at the boy after reading this story, then if you did, you need to share this story with your friends and make them laugh hardly.

If you laughed like an insane after reading the shitty story of this boy, then do share the story with everyone and make them laugh too.


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