Best Reasons and Benefits of Studying in Malaysia

If you wish to study abroad in a beautiful unique cultural lifestyle in Asia, Studying in Malaysia is a very good option. It has a rapidly growing economy with the ratio of 6.5% for the past 50 years making it a stable, peaceful country. Malaysia is a rising star of Asia and has proved itself second to none in every field of life. Likewise, when it comes of education, Malaysia is one the best countries in Asia for education.

There are total 13 states and 13 federal territories in Malaysia making it 44th most populous country in world. You can find many different ethnic and religious groups residing in Malaysia. Its official religion in Islam with 61.3% population of Muslims and second comes Buddhists comprising 19.8% of Malaysian population. Hindu, Christian and many other religions can easily found there side by side making this country 1 of 17 MegaDiverse nations. In this article I will be discussing all the pros and benefits of studying abroad in Malaysia.

International Academic Standards:

Malaysia has a higher education system that competes those claimed to be top best of the world. Malaysia is ranked 27th best higher education system of 2016 in HESS ranking of QS. Malaysian education fulfills all requirement and needs to be counted as of the best places to study abroad.

Malaysian higher education is especially monitored by their Ministry of education to maintain quality education in order to prove their mettle among rivaling countries. Malaysian degree is accepted all around the world with respect and you can easily apply for any university for further education or any job. To get Malaysian degree you must have Malaysia visa.


World Class Universities:

A countries higher education system is judged by its universities. The better and top ranked universities are, the more that country will be hailed in the field of education. Malaysia is home to some of the world top ranked universities where students from all around the world including United States, United Kingdom and Australia come to seek education, knowledge and experience that they can’t get in their own country.

Top ranked higher educational institute of this country is University of Malaya. It was ranked 133rd best university of the world by QS making top university of its homeland. There are over 17,000 students currently enrolled in this institute of which more than 3,000 are international.

Second most top ranked university of Malaysia is University of Putra Malaysia. It was ranked 270th best higher educational institute by QS ranking. In various subjects it ranks among top 100 of the world. This institute is most well-known for its agricultural studies.

Many United Kingdom, United States and other top study abroad destination based university campuses can also be found in this country. This way you will get to enjoy all the perks of studying in Malaysia and you will get a degree of universities like Nottingham and Monash.

Low Educational and Living Expenses:

Though Malaysia provides the education hailed among most esteemed system, it relatively cost quite less than other countries to study in Malaysia.As Malaysian currency is also a lot lower than other European countries, it cheaper to live there. In addition, Malaysia universities also have lower semester fees compared to other countries.

Following is the average annual cost you should have prepared in order to study abroad in Malaysia,reference CampusMalaysia.


Currency Annual Tuition Fees Annual Living Cost Annual Total Cost
USDollar USD 5,000 USD 4,000 USD 9,000
PakistaniRupee 524,000 PKR 419,000 PKR 943,000


Easy Immigration:

Some countries make it very difficult for international students to apply and immigrate to their countries for higher education by putting on a large complex procedure upon them. However, Malaysia is not like that and offers a very simple trouble free procedure for immigration. All you have to do is just:

  • Apply to your selected university
  • Once accepted, you will get a ‘Student Pass’ within 7 days.
  • Based on that pass you will easily get Malaysian student visa

Peaceful Comfortable Lifestyle:

Malaysia is beautiful naturally blessed country with the most amazing landscapes, forest and beaches you can find in world. Malaysia is also ranked 19th most Peaceful country of the world despite having a very diverse cultural environment with people of different ethnicities, religions, nationalities.

Malaysia is also one the most popular tourist spot of the world. Every year thousands of travellers from around the world visit this country to enjoy its astonishing and beautiful landscapes and rich culture. It is 9th most visited country in the world where people have to spend a great deal out of their earnings. Imagine living at such place as a student and you can go anywhere anytime you want with your other foreigner university buddies.

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